Mode button not working on headphones

When I click on the button to switch in between modes , the headphones do not switch modes.

I have to go into the app and switch the modes

I click on the button and get no response . The headphones stay in the mode it’s set to…

Any help ? Thanks

Maybe you’re pressing the wrong button? It’s the big, only button on the left side:

Or maybe you have a defective button.


This was the case! I wasn’t pressing the right button on the headset .

I was pressing the volume down button on the right headset, when all this time it was on the left headphone

Sometimes my brain can be a bit slow🤦🏽‍♂️


The button works and transitions to the other modes

Have a good evening @Seapup

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I keep pressing the power button to switch modes. :grin:

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