Moaning sound

So I checked the camera one day, all jokes aside lol to make sure my new pet pig was being good. NO one was home but there was moaning… like porn :flushed: my kids are under the age of 7 one with me the other at school. House was locked all other 8 cameras were fine but the one in my bedroom kept doing the moaning every time I opened it. I went home, unplugged it then reset it and linked it to my phone … could I have been hacked?

With a secure password, and MFA, it’s a little unlikely.

My password is pretty easy and I don’t know what MFA is

You need to change your password to something strong, and make sure that it’s not the same password used anywhere else. MFA also known as Multi factor or 2part authentication adds another layer of protection to your account by reacquiring a token that you have to login. This help page covers how to set it up on your account.

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Also have a talk with the pig and your spouse.

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I don’t have a spouse that’s the problem. Just me and my younger children and pig

Well that’s a relief. :wink:

You probably didn’t need to reset the camera (just power cycle it) but be sure to change your Wyze password as suggested above.

In a way, much rather it be a spouse that no one and hacked camera watching my kids or I or something. At least I could physically kick someone out lol

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