Missing Time Zone (s)

The Cam V3 is missing two (2) time zones. Missing -02:30 GMT and for Daylight savings time 03:30 hrs. These would be the time zones for NFLD Canada. My Cam v3 always showing a half hour off.

Welcome to the forums! Where do you see this? when settings up your location in the app?

The only option in the settings is to Sync the time. The time zones of -0330 and 0230 are easily missed when programming new products due to the small area of geography in the world that it covers. When I sync the time, the camera is +30 min in the future leading to the issue that it doesn’t cover the proper time zone. If there is something I am personally missing, let me know. Otherwise, I can upload a screenshot.

Does the device you are using the app on show the correct time? Just syncing with the camera it either rounds up or down? I can send this info on up so that your find can be seen. Anything you have time for please add. A screen shot or two showing it, and also if you could submit an app log then post the app log number in here that’d help bunches. Thanks in advance!

Yes - does show the time. Using iPad for this demonstration. Time rounds up 30 min in this instance. Log submitted 360010

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Thank you very much! I’ve poked the team about this. Our infrastructure hasn’t allowed for the offset time zones previously and will take some reworking for this.


Good Day, just following up from November 2021 if there has been any updates to the time zone fix.