Missing Order!?

@rolatini, @josephtejeras, it looks like we’re waiting for the stock replenishment for your orders and apologize for the delays.

@albin_25, we believe your order to be lost so we’re sending you a replacement. We’re sorry about that and understand your concern. Thanks for your patience! I see you already got the email about your re-shipment. :slight_smile:

For everyone else, I’m still waiting to hear back on your orders but I am checking back frequently.

002219257 Is my order number and I am having a the same issue. @WyzeGwendolyn

@WyzeGwendolyn - Please let me know if you got any details about Order #002277850

Hi there, I’m missing half of my order. The masks came 4/29/2020, thermometer is missing. I sent in a inquiry and I have received no reply and they closed my ticket!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Could you please tell me when my thermometer will come. Here’s my order number I haven’t received the other half of my order. Where is the thermometer I ordered? I only got the masks. Where’s the thermometer?

My order number is



@WyzeGwendolyn Well, my issue is that I placed order number 002344324 on 5/4/20. My card has been charged, but the order does not appear under “MY ORDERS” on the website. Can you please check and see what’s gone wrong with the order? It was for the KN95 masks. I’m not bothering with support. Been there, done that. LOL Thank You!

Edit: I might add that I placed one order containing both the regular blue masks, and the KN95s. When I got order confirmations, the system had apparently broken the order into two orders, one being the regular type, and one being the KN95s. So, I’m not sure whats going on.

I replied in the other post you made about this, if you could keep the conversation in one thread or the other it will make it easier to help you, link to the other thread is below.


Could you please check the status for my order #002008137 from 4/21. I have also opened a ticket but have not heard anything from support so far.


Hello @t800 and welcome to the community.

If you could also post your support ticket number it will aid in tracking down issues.

Hi, having a similar problem myself on order 002224603. I received the camera I ordered by none of the masks. Opened ticket 568611 about it on May 1 and have had zero response other than the automated ticket notice.

Hello @vorare and welcome to the community.

I am sorry you are having this experience. Thank you for posting your order and ticket number, I will do my best to make sure it is looked at tomorrow.


Hi WyzeGwendolyn,
I seem to have another problem. I made a new order and when I placed it a red warning screen popped up about a server error and then it vanished. This was on the payment part of the transaction. I didn’t have a chance to record it and a few seconds later my CC company advised me of a charge from Wyze. Should I contact my CC company and have them cancel the charge, I don’t think it even got into your system.
Please contact me directly through my account email.

@albin_25 You probably will not here from anyone until tomorrow but Gwendolyn hopefully will be popping in here then and getting back with people.

Sorry that you ran into issues on the website.

Are we going to hear back about my order? I’ve been waiting for days to find out where my order is. 002219257

I am gathering the info for someone to look at, I hope to have someone in here tomorrow with updates,

Order number 002316931 is not showing on my order list. No response yet to ticket 574817.

Order numbers 002005149 / 002005170 / 002005182 placed as one order on 04/21. Like everyone else, the card was charged immediately (twice actually, later corrected.) Status just showed as “processing” for two weeks. Contacted CS last week and was told they were trying to confirm payment, which had already cleared, but they would look into it and get back to me later that day or the next at the latest. Of course they failed to follow through on that promise. The status changed to shipped on 05/05 and I was contacted on 05/06 saying payment had been confirmed but there was an “error” so the order had to be placed again and they needed my shipping info which I provided again. CS went cold after that. The status still shows as shipped. I have no idea what the current status of the order really is but I do know I already paid for it. I still have two other orders placed that day that I haven’t received yet. The status of one of those is still in question as well (002002545.) The cherry on top was when Wyze sent out the newsletter email lying about being all caught up on orders :lying_face:.
Any help would be appreciated.

@WyzeGwendolyn #002185687

support ticket #576766

Thanks for the update.

Hey @WyzeGwendolyn

Can you help me out please! I got my WYZE package today, but it only contained 1 of the 3 items ordered. I got the 50 disposable face mask, but I am missing two order of 10 KN95 mask. Can you please look up and see what happened? Order number is 002223424

Thank you so much!