Missing history

I have 5 Wyze cameras – 1) Battery Camera Pro, 2) Camera Outdoors, and 2) Cam v3. One of the Cam v3 we can discuss later.

After setting up the Battery Camera Pro (it works fine), only the Cam v3 gives me access to history. The “View Playback” option is no longer available on the others. The Batter Outdoors Pro gives me a list of “Recent Events” but it isn’t functional – clicking on any of them only start buffering that goes on forever (1 hour+).

Are all of your cameras assigned to Cam Plus? Because the Battery Cam Pro will not work on Cam Plus Lite.

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There is a firmware update in beta testing for the new BCPro that helps fix some cloud recording/playing bugs that some people were experiencing. If you’re being affected, you could always try the beta firmware and see if that helps.

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