Missing Garage Notifications, Garage Events and Rules not working

I’m not getting any notifications for the garage being opened/closed or left open.
-Under the controller settings I have Garage Door Notifications set to on for open/closes and left open
-Under the CAM3 settings for Notifications, I have Notifications turned on and Detects motion and detect sound turned off

Garage Door Events - Garage Controller
-Event’s haven’t been showing up for about the past two weeks. The were showing up, but nothings been listed for the last 12 days

I have a rule setup to close the garage door at sunset, but it has never worked
It’s enabled, start time is “at sunset”, End time is not set, Repeats everyday, action is to “close the garage door”

Everything is on latest firmware, just updated today 5/18/22

Is this your first Wyze product? I was asking because it makes me wonder if notifications were working on your phone for Wyze products before you added the GD controller.

Maybe Notifications are no turned on in the phone’s app settings? Worth a look.

I have the same problem. Everything is turned on (I have been getting notifications on my Android for years) and I’m not seeing any garage controller events or notifications.

Not getting open/closed notifications is normally a sign the option isn’t selected in your GDC settings, or that your QR code is not calibrated. Also, any ‘close garage door’ rule can be unpredictable if the QR code is not calibrated.

I can attest to this, I was ‘out of calibration’, and this caused my Garage Door to OPEN first, then Close (see Video here:


This spooked me to the point that I’m not willing to enable that this feature again, even after re calibrating the QR Code.

If the GDC would Auto Disable this Rule to close the Garage door when it discovers the GDC is out of Calibration, I would consider enabling the Auto Close Feature again.


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Yes, it would be cool if the GDC would disable this rule if it knew it had never been calibrated, or does two moves to see if it can find the QR code, then gives up because there lay be a ladder in between.

But in either case it would be a great time to say the QR code possibility is no longer valid, and block further rule executions plus require a recalibration @WyzeHongfei. :slight_smile:

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