Missing cameras from app

My cameras keep deleting from my IPhone app. Once I add the cameras back, they disappear again. Any suggestions…

Do you have any other devices in the app that aren’t being deleted, or is everything. Does anyone else have access to your account? Do you have 2fa enabled? Does clearing the app cache in account > app settings, then force closing the app bring the cams back?

Welcome to the community @queenneffie1222 , sorry to hear you are having issues

Are they the same model cameras? If so, can you post the firmware version of 5he cameras and the App Version being used.

Have you opened a ticket and submitted logs? if so, can you post it here as well


Welcome to the forums! Are you adding all these cameras to the same account? Or different accounts? Cameras can only be installed on a single account but can be shared to other accounts. If you install a camera on account a then install the camera on account b, the camera will disappear from account a.