Missed A Special Moment

So I get a call from my Wife on my way to work this morning. Our 8 month old son decided today was the day he was going to first crawl! Obviously I was a bit upset that I missed it in person, but I was excited to watch the moment on our family room Wyze cam. I just went to view the playback and my camera says, “No video at the selected time”. This is my 3rd replacement camera and 2nd SD card and last straw. Sorry Wyze I love you guys, but the reliability of these cameras and their ability to capture is way too flaky for me. I’m out and off to Best Buy to get spend a stupid amount of money on a Nest Cam for the peace of mind that something like this will never happen again.

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what sd card are you using?

I’ve seen that error message a few times on my cams. I pulled my card and put it in a card reader and all the recordings were actually on the card anyway regardless of the error message. So yours may be there as well. After I did a reformat on the mSD card using my PC, it started working properly.

I had the Wyze official card, it failed after a month or so showing only 2GB capacity. I replaced it with a Sandisk high endurance card which is what is in there now. I restarted the camera and it’s recording again, but I clearly can’t rely on it anymore.