Minimum operating temperature for Wyze Cam V2

What is the realistic minimum operating temperature for Wyze Cam V2, based on user experience. I know the spec sheet says 32 degrees F. I have a weekend cabin in a ski resort town that experiences cold temps. For example, it was -9 degrees yesterday morning. 1 degree this morning. I have the cam inside a window now but, given the position of the cam, I can’t set it to detect vehicles in the driveway vs. every passing vehicle. Plus, the snow is piling up so high I am losing my view. I need to mount it outside, under the eaves. Would the V2 work most of the time there? Or do I need to wait for the outdoor version? What will the operating temp range be for the outdoor version? I have a friend using the V2 outside, but in a climate not quite as cold. Working with temps in the 20’s.

There are posts from other users reporting successful usage at temps in the low teens. As a caveat - Not warranty recommended. That being said I’ve had several out for about a year in temps that have ranged from high 90’s to 20 without a hitch.


Dec '18

I purchased a weather proof cover from Amazon for the Wyze cam pan. The brand is KASMOTION. It has rained, snowed and is 12 degrees right now up here in Saint Paul, MN. The camera works great so far. It pans and zooms without a problem.

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Two of my outdoor mounted V2 cameras worked through -20 temps last winter. In fact, one of them had a 2.5 foot icicle hanging from it for a while. However (obligatory disclaimer), I knew those two cameras were no longer under warranty after I mounted them outside. :slight_smile:


You have my sympathy on the-20 temps.:cold_face:
That’s the lowest I’ve heard of a cam running in so far.


The windchill was -37… :ice_cube:


It has its flaws, but you gotta love the Sunny :sunglasses: South…


I know it’s meant for inside purposes, but I have had no issues in warm or cold weather as well. Our temperatures range from 10-100 degrees throughout the year. I have mine under an overhang so it never gets rain, snow, or direct sunlight. However, if you follow Wyze on social media, they gave an update on their actual outdoor camera yesterday.

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I came here to find a place where I could tell how happy I am withy my wyze cameras… I have V2s. Even though it’s intended for use inside, due to the pricing I was not afraid to try them outdoors. Well, I must tell we do not have particularly wet weather here, and the cams are sheltered from rain, I am extremely satisfied with them. Temperatures got down below -30C WITHOUT windchill for a week now (Woke up with -38 outside yesterday :grimacing:) with a lot of sub -20s this winter already and the cams are operating with no issues at all! Cards installed. The only problem is that the motion sensors can’t keep up. They have been working with new Lithium batteries down to about -15C, but anything lower is not advisable.
Can’t wait to try the V3 here in Canada.