Mimic function for the Wyze bulb

I’d like to have a mimic function under rules to primarily use with the bulbs. This would be for fixtures that have multiple bulbs in it or for my bedroom where I have a light in both nightstands and would like both lights to function as one. So one voice command controls the multiple bulbs. Currently I have the rules setup so the other bulbs turn on and off with the main bulb but this does create a slight delay between them. That I can live with. The part that doesn’t work is the color and brightness of the main bulb cannot be followed. A mimic function would allow the following bulbs to be able to kick all functions of the main bulb. Whose with me? Please vote for this feature! I think this one is a no brainer and much needed!

I’m not sure I understand the request since you can have multiple actions for one rule – duplicate the same action for each bulb.

But even better, you can group the bulbs together. Then you only need one action for the rule. That action affects all the bulbs in the group.


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The actions only allow you to turn on or off a bulb. There is currently no way to match the color and brightness of a bulb. So a mimic function that would match all the current settings of one bulb to another would be needed. This is a much needed function for anyone truly using the bulbs. It’s sad to see there has still been nothing done to have this available.

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This is an ideal enhancement - being able to dim bulbs in concert, and maintaining identical color temperatures, would be a very valuable feature.

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Yes, thank you! I hope we can see this functionality soon!

A current work around for this would be to tie them into Alexa, that is what I have done with my bulb groups

I have them tied into Alexa. It only works for on/off. I want the intensity and color matched. This has been expressed multiple times now. I’m not sure if there is a better way to extrapolate the details. Please ask specific questions so I can lay it all out. Maybe we can make it understood for everyone. I’m not sure what else to say to get make clear the details but I am definitely up for talking it out.

I better follow up before we waste a reply…yes, you can adjust intensity and color with Alexa but it’s per bulb. So if you have a 3 bulb figure you’d have to say 3 voice commands for any change. The ideal setup is one command changes all 3 bulbs. I did mention I was using Alexa and voice commands from the start of this thread.

I don’t use the voice commands, that could be the difference. Mine react off of other items like a sensor opening or motion. I am not and Alexa pro by any means. I also am not a WYZE employee so I have no pull to get this moving. I will have to tinker and see what I can figure out.