micrsoSD not recognized in Camv3 after 2,5 years - works fine in PC

One of my 3 Cam3 cameras stopped recognizing the SD Card that has been in it since new, Up to date firmware. Pulled card, reformatted to fat32, full

No change, card works perfectly in PC, Win 11. Tried quick format, no change, then exfat, no change. Reformatted again, no change.

Multiple attempts to format within the camera fails.

Pulled working card from another camera, and it doesn’t recognize that either. although it allows you to toggle on ‘record to sd card’ which you can’t do if the card slot is empty.

Seems to be a camera fail? Camera otherwise functions fine. Always indoors.

App is iOS 17.5.1


“High Endurance” cards only have approx a 2 year warranty, whereas non “high endurance” cards used in Wyze cams have no manufacturer warranty whatsoever.

I suggest that you buy/try a new “high endurance” card. I only have one V3, which has been recording continuously to a “high endurance” card since 12/31/20.

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Hi footyyank and welcome to the Community Forum.
Yes, suspect the SD Slot on your camera may have a dirty or missing connector. Check on-line for the “cleaning SD card slot” tips. Its worth a shot. ;^)

Thank you both. I had a go at cleaning the camera card slot, but although I had a flat cleaning swab it wasn’t well sized, so I doubt it did anything. I sprayed some compressed air in there, but to no avail.

So, to summarize, the original SD card that was in the original camera (let’s call it SD Card ‘A’) works fine in a Win 11 PC, (confirmed read and write) and also works in a separate, identical camera (camera ‘B’) while the working card from Camera B also is not read in original camera A.

It seems to me the card slot, which has been sealed tight since deployment some 2.5 years ago, has somehow failed.

Bummer. I see the only way forward as either going without the card, or replacing the camera.


I have a micro SD card slot on a tablet fail. I can still charge but it won’t recognize any inserted card. I figure one of the pins got bent and isn’t making contact. Something similar could have happened to yours.

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Yes, the card slots can fail. I have two out of 55 cameras that have a failed uSD card slot. I just use the cameras in places where the lack of local recording is zero issue,