microSD Card Installed Indicator

I have many cams. Some with an SD onboard, others without. It would be SUPER helpful to see an indicator on the camera view of an (:floppy_disk:) icon (but obviously not a floppy) so that I can quickly see which cam has an SD and which don’t. I tend to move my cams around to find the most useful spots and it’s a bit of a pain to, as I’m making changes, to find those cams with an SD. :slight_smile:

I like this idea. Another option would be to dim or gray out the View Playback button when the microSD card is not present. (Rather than getting a “no micro SD installed…” popup as is now the case.)


That’s a good (and probably simple from an implementation perspective) solution too! Tho I’m always looking to reduce clicks! :smiley:

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I like the gray out the View Playback button when there is no uSD installed.


+1 to greying out the playback button

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