microSD Camv3 continuous guidance

I have many v3s but I just tried for the first time a 128GB microSD in a unit covering the exterior of my home. I have it on continuous 24/7. Three questions come to mind that I cannot find elsewhere

  • How many days will this record for; and
  • Does it continue by deleting older files and replacing with hew ones?
  • Do I have to replace this 128 at any time?


Guessing around 12.


When it fails. I’ve personally had great success with my cards. I run 8 cams using continuous recording, and I’ve only had to replace 1 card in 5-1/2 years. YMMV. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have 128 GB SD cards in my V2s and Pan Cam, and get about 12.5 days recording 24x7 HD video before it writes over old data. I think V3s would be the same.


Why continuous but not events only?

Make sure to do it right the first time and get a quality SD card made for being able to handle the write and rewrite cycles that the SD card will go through during its life. I highly recommend high endurance SD cards, plenty of conversation about these throughout the forums with recommendations.

Personal preference based on wants and needs and individual camera use case and location. My mission critical cameras all record continuous because I want to know what goes on outside of my detection zone and happens between my cloud saved events. My less important cameras like the one watching my cat food dish, okay. It’s actually a very important camera, is set to events only recording to SD card because I don’t need to see everything 24/7 here.


I record continuously and also events are recorded. Sometimes an event happens that is beyond the detection zone that I want to watch. For example, we had some kids yanking on neighbor’s car door handles across the street at 2am. This crime would not have triggered an event. If the detection zone was increased, every car that passed would be flagged as an event.

And to +1 @Omgitstony .Buy a quality SD card. Most SD cards at WalMart are for point and shoot cameras where the card is only accessed briefly. The SanDisk High Endurance SD cards are meant for devices like dash cameras and surveillance cameras.



Since my latest 2 OG cams have both destroyed expensive high endurance sd cards(x3) I was reading your post yesterday and thought to self …hmmm , maybe with my next purchase(of a more affordable alternative sd card) I should try continuous recording ? Wondering if that would be any easier on the life expectancy of my next sd card , it will only re-write 2.5 times a month with a 128G , these cams have both been in the exact same location , outside under an eave 8 feet off the deck at the busy back doors and they have both been on my paid Cam+ subscription , as-a result of being on Cam+ I am in no hurry to climb a ladder and take it down to replace the card now , it’s winter here and I am no Spring Chicken anymore , I just get my Events-only as a daily chore from Android phone .
Hmmm , in refernce to the destroyed higher end sd cards … maybe I am also doing the wrong thing and deleting daily events every day , would that be any harder on rewrite cycle’s ?

Deleting the events as in, clearing out the event tab of cam plus videos or formatting the SD card?