Mic quality?


I wanna get the noise cancelling headphones to listen to music and also for gaming on my phone .

This set will also be nice so that I can use the mic to talk with my mates when playing a game together , but I wanted to know how the mic quality is on the headphones ?

Can the other party on the line hear you loud and clear ?

On phone calls , can the other person also hear you loud and clear .



A quick search found this:

There are other headphone reviews and vids on the tube that you can search for to help answer your question.

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I have used the Wyze Headphones for PC gaming since release and generally connected via Bluetooth.

Using Discord or Steam to chat with those I am gaming with. I have never once had a squad mate tell me they could not hear me or that the audio quality was bad.

I have also used them for Teams/Zoom Meetings and have never had a person on the other end tell me that they cannot hear me. (Unless of course I was on mute :rofl: )


This is the exact video I am coming from , this is where I saw john the net guy who shared how the microphone performed poorly .

So which led me to here , as I wanted to get others opinions on this .

Sounds good , thanks for the info :slight_smile: