Merge accounts?

I have a pancam (with a hub) in California under one email address, and a deadbolt lock (with another hub) under another email address in Virginia. Can I merge these accounts so that both of these devices show up at the same time and I can select either to use? New to the system.

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Hello @dougstetson and welcome to the community.

Currently I do not know of a way to merge accounts. The only way I know of to get them both on one account would be to set them up under the same username. Currently the easiest way to do that would be to log into the account that is the location you are NOT currently at and load the device where you ARE currently at into that account.


Thank you Jason21271-
Turns out the local hub will not allow itself to be added to the other email account because “it is registered to another account”. I think I’ll need to delete the lock and hub from it’s current email account, then add it to the other email account. I’ll let you know how that goes.