Memory cards don't work well

I have three different comparably priced cameras that I have around my house so I can have Apples to Apples comparison. Waze has a few advantages One, Price a little bit cheaper,2 provide a pretty good picture. But it has a couple of nagging issues also. The most significant of which is getting the memory card work correctly. Combining that with the inability to reboot if it loses power is sort of limiting.

Haven’t experienced any issues with SD cards not working in my cams. This isn’t the expected behavior you’re describing.

Smart plug works well for power cycling the cameras from remote places.

Second smart plugs (in spades). I have them on all my cams and can remote power cycle easily. About 6$ on Amazon. Memory cards really need to be high endurance cards and I make a practice of formatting them on my PC before use.

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From day one it took endless playing with it, installing and reinstalling to make it work.

I’m beginning to see why WYZE is going into smart plugs, LOL