Memory card

The instructions say to put in a micro SD card, but the slot in the back is for a USB flash card. It does not recognize the USB flash, and I haven’t figured out how to put an SD card in.

Which camera ? or are you referring to the base for the WCO


Hello @rwidman and welcome to the community

Which camera are you using, all the cams except the Video Doorbell accept a micro SD card


Welcome! I am guessing you are talking about the v2 or pan cam since those two have a usb a connector, along with the usb micro for power or for the v1 Sense bridge. The usb a connector or for daisy chaining power to another camera, not for a memory stick. The sd card slot is on the bottom of those cameras (for the v2 you have to pull away the base to expose the sd card slot.)


Thanks, I forgot the slot was in the bottom, and did not realize the camera could format the card.

All fixed