Maximum 12 sec recording

New camera with new Firmware V4.9.1.60 only writing 12 sec files to the card with the 5 minute wait as if it was the cloud, anyone with same problem?

What is your indication that the card videos are only 12 seconds with a 5 minute timeout? Have you pulled the card from the camera to see what’s actually on it?

Hi Rick, thanks for your reply:

I like many other new owners (saw other posts with same question) made the same mistake by going to the Notifications tab and assuming that those videos we see there are the ones from the card, after writing my question last night I continued exploring the not so user friendly camera settings navigation and realized that the VIEW PLAYBACK button was the one to use and view what was in the card without having to pull the card.

I haven’t tried yet but assume that if I want to retrieve a video from the card without pulling the card I can hit the Record button while viewing the video in Playback, is that correct?

So far I’m very pleased with the camera, never realized we had so many stray cats in the neighborhood.

Yes, you can record in real time while in View Playback. Unfortunately, there’s no way right now to quickly download (at faster than real time) the video stored on the card. But I believe the team is evaluating that as a possible future enhancement.

Also definitely being evaluated are some changes to the app to make it more obvious where to find the card video vs the alert clips.