Max ambient temp?

I live in S AZ. What is the max temperature these will tolerate? We hit 112°+ in the summer…

See the specs page where it says:

Operation Temperature 32℉ – 104℉ / 0°C – 40 °C
Operation Humidity < 90% at 104℉ / 40°C
Weather Resistance - Indoor use only

Can the CPU read its own temperature, and perhaps report it back to the app? This would help us judge whether a particular enclosure has adequate ventilation.


I have one set up in Desert Hot Springs, CA and it has become non connectible twice with temp under 100F. Big pain when you are traveling and no way to power down to reset!!

Cheap wifi smart outlet will get you past that issue.

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Unless, of course, if the cheap wifi smart outlet suffers from the exact same temperature issue and quits working.

LOL agreed… wow, a half empty guy…
Your outlets should have a higher temperature tolerance as load causes heat right of the bat.

Should and will are totally different things as we all know.

No, not at all - an electrical engineer. I look for all the possible failure modes, try to anticipate problems.

Nice… I am no engineer, just a licensed master electrician (retired-ish) and Systems admin (current)

I have the Kasa plugs, and their ratings are the same as the cameras are:

Operating Temperature: 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC (32°F ~ 104°F )
Operating Humidity: 5%~90%RH, Non-condensing

And living in Alabama, 104°F at > 90% RH can be the norm for extended periods.

Gotcha, I don’t use pocket sockets, I use leviton main connected zwave receptacles,
I haven’t located the operating ratings, although the temp here has been 95 to 98 degrees for the past 10 days and have had no issues with my outdoor lighting transformer that is attached to it (1200w).
Installed last spring and never had an issue controlling it from anywhere, nor the automation’s that run every night.
Just my experience with this particular receptacle… as an electrician I have been using leviton for years and trust the brand for indoors and out.