Marshmallow Dunking

Since Gavin the !@#$%^* Rat is no longer around I put out some marshmallows for the :raccoon: :raccoon: last night, this is the last to go. I don’t know why he is wearing leaf over his left eye, he already has a mask ? :sweat_smile:


Captain Jack Raccoon. :pirate_flag:

That’s exactly what my brother said :rofl:

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You need to watch more secret agent man type of Hollywood movies…they’re always wearing multiple masks!

I tried to find one where the hero or villain rips off their mask to show they’re someone else, then rips off that mask to show they aren’t actually that person but a different person, and on and on…thought there had to be a funny skit about this somewhere like by Key and Peele, but couldn’t find one.

Or maybe it’s supposed to be an eye patch to look cool?

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Captain Jack :raccoon: :pirate_flag: with his leaf eye patch. He tried to scratch it off later in the video with his left paw without success.