Marketing vs. Tech for v2 Camera - some questions

Can you please share what these two bullets really mean? They are some of the reasons I might consider upgrading/adding additional cameras. Thanks. (answers from all welcome.)

The powerful new CMOS sensor provides even clearer images for both day and night vision.

Class-K audio power amplifier and a new audio chip that significantly reduces TDD interference and EMI.

While megapixels no longer tell the story of cameras, they are still used to explain things. “A better CMOS” means it is better in some specific manner than the previous option. Is there a measurable difference? Is there a newer chipset? What is better than v1?

What is TDD and EMI in the audio? What is Class-K? What does v2 capture that v1 garbled in audio? Distance from mic improved? Less crackling? Higher/Lower range? Other?

@Dave, I will simplify your questions with simple answers:

  1. Better CMOS: The camera does a better job of getting more clear details when you zoom in. Better low light visibility.

  2. Microphone: when you now receive someone talking to you via camera to app, the microphone on the V2 is allot clearer then before. Sounds less muffled(I can hear the neighbors dogs two houses over). Also it picks up clearer sound for sound alert

  3. New speaker: The speaker on the V2 is 5X louder and clearer then the previous speaker. I can hear my wife in every room when she speaks to me thru the V2’s speaker ( We have a very large house). I was able to hear her talking to me over the normal volume of a television I could hear her in the bathroom while brushing my teeth and running water

You can also visit the review page of V2 and engulf yourself into other beta testers results


I really don’t know what your waiting for to make you “want to decide” to upgrade…Its a no brainer!besides, it’s only $20!!!:slight_smile:


@imacoo7 Thank you!

So CMOS does a few things to help cameras, low light and zoom improved images. Great that’s always a benefit.

Microphone improvement is a great one. I use it for recording sot that’s great.

As for upgrading - the current one does a great job, so it makes sense if the next one will improve my primary use cases.