Mark Events In SD Card Playback

Yeah I don’t know why the timeline is not in 24hr format… But it would be helpful. It seems like it should be an easy fix with an app update.

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The 12 second clips in the app are not very useful most of the time. There tends to be video before and after most of the short clips that I want to look at. Usually I just get the UPS truck driving up and not the UPS driver dropping the package at my door.

It would be nice if there was a shortcut on the 12 second clip on the event page to the related video on the sd card. Unless I’m missing something I have to go back to the events list, click on home, click on the camera, click on View Playback and then search for the right clip.

There has to be a better way,


It sure would be a great feature. A lot of people are requesting similar features.

Another rendition to that would to show motion on the local recording during playback as highlights.

It would be great to have trigger markers or flags in the playback timeline. This would make it much easier and more time efficient when reviewing videos and trying to locate events of interest. Hope it gets added at some point in the future.

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Allow the Wyze cam to continue to trigger notifications at all times to microSD card, however, only apply the 5 minute cool off period for notifications to apply to data uploaded to Wyze cam cloud.

I realize with microSD card installed, we can save and view all streaming, however, looking through 5 minutes of video for any amount of motion triggers is impractical if not impossible.
This is the primary reason I’m searching and watching other camera’s because my Wyze cam is missing a lot of events within 5 minutes. I know because every once in a while when I have time to throw away, I’ll sit and watch a triggered event, then go the microSD card video, replay the time stamp, (which is a little difficult to touch or navigate the precise timestamp), then watch events I’ve been missing.

Alternative, perhaps to save Wyze cam cloud storage, allow users to optionally configure all trigger notifications to be saved to microSD card, and not send it to Wyze cam cloud, without the 5 minute cool down, and allow constant trigger notifications to local microSD.

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This is exactly what I was thinking. Being able to click a link on the event page that takes you to the playback function at the particular time the event occurred would save a lot of time. Please consider this alongside placing event markers on the playback timeline


I would like to request a feature that would show events sort of like Soundcloud does, it would make navigation so much easier - also it would be nice to be able to add custom bookmarks on the timeline with remarks


I also agree with this! It the right after the 12 seconds is sometimes what I need to see most. And finding it again in playback is quite slow. a link directly to playback in notification would be nice. Also from Events tab too.

I actually thought that’s what motiontagging did, sort of. That the tags where being recorded seperately and could be used to find places in the playback video where motion had happened. I guess not, but it would have been really useful. Why doesn’t the camera just record motion tags to a separate text file on the SD card. Just bsic, like the timestamp and duration of the motion. Then there could have been an interface in the playback section to jump to the places with motion. Or at the very least, download the text file and find the motion yourself and go there with the playback controls.

It would be awesome if when viewing playback the events could be shown with a different color.


Make it easier to find detected Events in recording stream.

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This is exactly what I would be looking for! This would be the easiest to understand for marked events, IMHO. Adding buttons to skip forward and back through each tagged event would be awesome, as well.


I’d really like to see a different color on the timeline bar when motion is detected. It sure would make for searching for events in playback mode MUCH easier.


I think it would be great if there were markers for motion/events shown during playback of recorded video.

do forget you can look at the timeline of where requests in the #wishlist are in the top left area under the topic . this is currently in the research phase, so its definitely something being looked into :slight_smile: it would make a very nice addition

When an Event occurs I wish the camera would record a mark/bit in SD card, that would be displayed as a Tick Mark in the Time Line when in Playback. This way I would not have to record the times from the Apps Even screen before viewing the Playback.

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agree! 12 seconds for me gets the shadow of someone approaching my front door, but cuts off before they get there hehe. :ghost:

After viewing the event, provide a link to jump to the same event in SD card playback.

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