Mark Events In SD Card Playback

Welcome to Wyze! I would love this feature too! Also the design is cool!


Well… it’s March 29, 2020, this feature has been asked by everyone for a year already… no joy… everyone is bored at home, I’m bored at home! If you let me I can help you write the software for the events feature on playback for free!!
It can’t be THAT hard… did the good programmer leave!!!
Come on! Even the lesser cameras that can’t hold a candle to our Wyze have this freaking feature! It’s a no brainer!!! Let’s do this!!!
Oh!! And the audio sync needs a real looking into also…


All the events are in the local app database. They don’t need to be recorded on the SD card. Just scan the app database on the phone and highlight the timeline…

Yep been asking since last year!! I said I would have to give the camera a 1 or 2 star rating and they were not happy with that and said this not a camera for security. What do they think ppl are buying them for?!

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Other webcam apps have the capability of marking the timeline when events happen. This is a really nice feature when scrolling through playback Wyze needs to seriously consider this software modification to their app. How do we get this request submitted for consideration? Thanks

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Hi @parrymd, I have included links to instructions on how to search the forum for current requests, and how to submit a Wishlist request. :slight_smile:

Search Wishlist (enter your search word/s after #wishlist in the search box)
Search Roadmap (enter your search word/s after #roadmap in the search box)

Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.

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why are there no markers on the timeline for the recorded events?
that would be extremely useful to know when the actions happened,
you hit the markers, and voila
my “old” foscam app had that and it was super useful

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it’s easy, all Wyze has to do, is put MARKERS on the timeline for events triggered (continuous record)

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I have a micro WYZE SD card and it shows the timeline as “green sections” my understanding is That there are recordings however when I go back to play them it says “no video at the selected time. “ I have switched it to continuous recording and still not able to see any playback features and when I go to my albums no pictures or recordings available. What am I doing wrong? How can I view what is on my SD card and how do I access this cloud they speak up?

I have noticed an issue similar to this. I have an SD card in my cam and it was working fine for months but all of a sudden it says not recorded video at selected time?? Wyze what is going on?

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Please keep me posted if there is a solution :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

all of a sudden it says not recorded video at selected time

I had one v2 cam that did the same thing a few times. I took the mSD card out and did a format on the card on my PC and it fixed the “no recording“ error message.


Ah, wish there was something like this. It is nearly impossible especially with no computer app. Please make it

The Playback timeline gets the job done but is cumbersome and coarse to control and could use further refining. Adding colour-coded markers to the timeline for any user-selected events allows for quick navigation when reviewing.

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Dear Wyze,

This is a much needed functionality that you have stated that you are working on for close to two years. any updates?

the app really requires Motion event markers on the playback timeline as well as skip forward and backward buttons to jump between the events. and it needs a link from the event page that takes you directly to that event on the playback timeline.

would appreciate an update on this.

Kind rergards,

This feature is currently implemented in the latest iOS & Android app versions as long as you have a working SD card installed.

When viewing a single event, click on the “Playback” SD card icon and you will go to that event on your SD card playback timeline.

I don’t recall seeing any recent posts about marking or jumping between events along the SD card playback timeline.

Just checked it, you’re right. thanks for letting me know. hopefully they’ll add the rest of the missing features.

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Agreed! :+1:

When you click on the event it jumps to the timeline in the correct location but I still don’t see a mark in the playback timeline. If I delete the event it would be nice to have a mark in the playback timeline where I can see events

Agreed! In my opinion, the current “jumping to the event” is a huge improvement over the old situation, and hopefully they will add timeline marking eventually. At least this wishlist item has been marked “researching”

TinyCam for Android devices just came out with a pretty slick timeline that shows when Wyze events occurred, but not sure what happens if you delete the events.

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