Map skewed

I have updated to 1.6.113, ran a quick map. My map is still tilted. I see a number of maps from people entering the contest and most pictures of there maps show them sitting strait. I can’t get an answer from wyze. Anyone have an idea

Is the dock on a wall that is angled differently from the others, like a 45 degree angle?

Also, do you have enough room around the dock area?

Posting a screenshot of the skewed map may help as well.

I took a screen shot to show this partical map. What is going on, this is the second time I get this. Had to quick map after the last time. The other picture is from another time showing the skew.

Interesting. The dock does look to be pretty close to an object, maybe that is throwing it off?

I would try moving the dock to a different location and see if you get a different result when doing the quick map.

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Any idea why the map degrades like that. Second time it has done that

No, sorry. I’ve never seen that before.

Can you double check that your firmware shows as the correct version and that it didn’t fail?

It is 1.6.113

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