Manual "Off" Switch For Wyze Color Bulbs

I have a color bulb in the bedroom lamp (which is on my wife’s side of the bed) and have it programmed to come on in the morning and again in the evening. Sometimes my wife turns the lamp off manually outside of the programmed times and then of course the programming stops working because the power to the bulb has been manually turned off. This is a minor source of friction because then I have to turn the lamp back on and reestablish it in the Wyze app.

I’d like to suggest to Wyze that a manual on/off switch attached to their bulb, would be a nice addition. It could be a short, white cord that dangled down a few inches from the bulb and was a simple press switch that toggled the light off/on without cutting the physical power or interfering with the programming.

I’d also like to suggest that Wyze expand the programming features of the this bulb. Don’t limit the programming by having just wake/sleep windows. Allow the bulb to come on and off anytime like you do with your sprinkler controller.

Thanks for listening.

I have seen where individuals have adapted a Contact Sensor to create a Button. Then all you would need to do is press the button to turn off the light. You could also tie it to IFTTT to create a Toggle button.

But I agree some sort of button or method to allow for this would be nice. You need to create this as a Wishlist item to get votes for it. Remember to vote for it yourself as it does not automatically add your vote.

Highly unlikely to happen as product. What about simply getting another lamp for your side of the bed? Or if she can remember to turn it off and then back on. I beleive you can change the settings so that when power is restored the lamp will still turn “off”.