Make this go away

I already have Cam Unlimited and the only way to make it go away is open it then close it or force close the app. :worried:

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While Wyze is at it, please make this go away. I already have a Micro SD card in this camera.

:rofl: Me too on my newest V3. Playback Works fine from live view

Try swiping down…seems to work on iOS.

Thanks I’ll try that next time it shows up.

Save you money…
Really simple and works perfect. Simply download Bluestacks on your PC. Open it and load the WYZE app. Once you do you will see the exact same view you see on your phone. I have 8 V3 cameras and they work perfect. I wish WYZE would modify their program to allow for multiple column so that you don’t have to keep scrolling down to see all your cameras. I’m sure they have no interest because they want to sell you their worthless PC connection. Once you set up Bluestacks you’ll realize how fast and easy it is to use. Then just a shortcut on your PC screen and your cameras open instantly.

Me too…They want to force you into their worthless CamPlus subscription. Quite often i get phony messages and the their CamPlus offer pops up…Sad