Make the VIEW PLAYBACK button on LIVE page on APP go to FILTERED EVENTS PAGE

I just found out why I couldn’t view playback the old way any more, during a call with support.

If you can’t view playback on the LIVE page, then either toss the VIEW PLAYBACK button, or BETTER YET, have that link to the EVENTS tab, but FILTER for that particular camera! Then it would be JUST like the old way! I kinda liked the old interface with the back and forward arrows, as opposed to separate videos, but I’m OK either way.

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That defeats the purpose of having a uSD card. View Playback on the camera page is uSD card recordings as opposed to Events being cloud recordings.

And what do you (or support) mean that you can’t view uSD card recordings with the View Playback button. That is and always has been how you access uSD card recordings.