Make Siren on WyzeCam V3 Easier to Access/Trigger

There are too many steps to go through to get to the siren in a quick emergency and suggesting that you make a way to add it in the shortcuts bar on top of main page. Also being able to add it as an action on a device trigger would help as well. Seems like the way it is now that it’s buried too deep, with too many steps to effectively have any use…!

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Yeah, quickly trigger the siren when you see your friends arrive :grin:

Yes, please, the siren MUST be used like alarm…!!
Not only a button panic…!
It is more eficiente like acting in way alarm…
There are many Cams sinlgle and vendor like Hikvision, EzViz and many generics brands that using he double way Alarm Notification, and me suggest to add that function all products is give a new command for activate the siren under the conditions of trigger…

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They added this feature but on an outdoor cam on a windy day it keeps going off!!!

Hi, well, the idea is get more and better ways of functions in all products Wyze, obviously the siren not be for all people or all ambients, but is like the Insurance, better have it than not…and to me the better idea is add that sound (of siren) to Wyze C2 and Cam Pan… thanks

any idea when the siren feature to be triggered automatically on motion, will be available?

Welcome Alain. The siren trigger (siren control in Rules) was rolled out in production v3 firmware release (March 29, 2021).


Thanks Team,
Its Feel good adding that very good option with that idea we gave you to wyze…!! Yeah.!