Make PanScan and Time Lapse compatible

I’ve got a pancam v3, with four set points. I’m trying to take a time lapse over many days, one image per hour. (To watch the season change). But I also use my camera for panscan. So when I try to take one image per hour, it randomly comes from one of the four points in my panscan. Which makes the time lapse completely unwatchable.

I’d really like to have the option of specifying exactly which set point to use for the time lapse, in order to use both panscan and time lapse functions on the same camera.

Do you have “Track Motion” set? Wyze should really set the default to this option to"OFF", especially since the controlling button itself is off screen. Or Disable “Track Motion” when on Time Lapse.

Nope to track motion. It’s just that each Timelapse frame is taken from one of the four set points. Which looks like a schozophrenically spliced overlay of four movies. So I can either use time lapse or pan scan on the camera, but not both simultaneously.

Yep, and if you think about it, there is not much you could do about it. Although for a LONG time lapse, you could theoretically make the camera return to a specific location before taking the image, not gonna work on a shorter interval time lapse.

That’s exactly what I am asking for. I’m literally trying to take a month-long time lapse, one frame per hour. and want it to return to the same position each time that it adds a frame.