Make app pop-up menu items more accessible

When I run tha wyze app and go to the events screen, I am presented with three dots at the top right which to me mean there are menu options.

When I select these dots, a popup at the bottom of the screen asks to filter/delete/cancel

I think this is the wrong behavior, it should be a dropdown where the dots are with the choices in reach so I don’t have to go chasing all around the screen. My finger is near the dots so put the choices near my finger.

To me it’s annoying but not the end of the world, not sure how others feel about it. On my tablet the distance is big.

If this is in the wrong section, please feel free to put it in the correct one.


I think they need to add a prompt to the upper left hand corner… its the only place they missed.

Agreed, its a bit silly to tap the hamburger in the top right, scroll to expose all of the clips, tap the left bottom corner, select all, tap delete in the bottom right corner, confirm in the center.

Same sentiment here, and probably worse in my case. It’s because I use a Samsung 8-inch S2 tablet (bigger screen) to view my camera feeds. Imagine going from one edge to the opposite edge of that screen, gives new meaning to the phrase, “Let your fingers do the walking”

@rwe, I moved your topic over to #wishlist, and made the topic title more clear. Please let me know if you’re OK with the title change.

For future reference, here is How to use the Wishlist :slight_smile:

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That works for me, Thank You

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