Major flaw in latest thermostat firmware 1.2.5 - It takes 2-3+ attempts to make any changes

I have not experienced the short cycling or the unit overheating. Yet. But time will tell if it starts to act up. But latest beta app seams to have fixed the ability to chang temp setting issue.

Also I only have stand alone T-stat no extra room sensors. so that may change how mine is acting.

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I can gladly say that I have not experienced this issue whatsoever in the last week or so .

I have been checking on the device daily and attempting daily temperature changes and also changing modes to see if the action sticks and I haven’t ran into the issue! :slight_smile:

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Same. I stopped experiencing it since I gave up hope for a timely update and switched to a different thermostat. We already hit below freezing here and haven’t had much in the form of official messaging so it should be no surprise.

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Still the temperature showing is out of whack. I do temperature correction and still is randomly thinks is different. Is cycling the AC at 2-5 minutes interval. This is crazy. It worked very well until 1.2.5 The T-stat is at 90F temperature (housing). It seems to hot for a T-stat to function properly.
I am in balanced mode. Wyze should tell me (us) what is the best setup so the AC so it will not cycle so often. I give this another week before I throw it in the garbage. Very angry and pissed of customer after I believed in Wyze and stupid me got 3 T-Stats