Magenta picture on Wyze OG

My OG has only been setup for 24 hours, then i moved it, and it suddenly began recording everything in magenta.

Magenta is usually an indication that the IR filter is stuck. When the camera is operating in daylight mode, there is an IR filter that blocks lower (longer) wavelength light. When operating in night mode, that filter is moved out of the light path in order to allow the IR light to be seen by the camera sensor. You can usually hear that filter move if you are close to the camera and switch modes. It will be a slight click.
Over there years, some people have had issues where the IR filter gets stuck. There are a couple things you can try to unstick it. First is to just manually switch the camera back and forth from day to night mode a few times. If that does not work, you can tap on the side or top of the camera while switching modes and see if the mechanical shock will help unstick the filter.
Good luck!


Switching back amd forth between noght vision and day did the trick. Thanks so much for you help!


Glad it helped!