Lyrids 2021


Nice catches. :+1:

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Thanks, I just wish the motion detection would pick them up instead of having to find them myself.


I know what you mean. Only the really big ones will trip the motion detector. I have searched through thousands of the 1 minute clips. But I have found over 80 meteors.

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nice…I haven’t caught anything yet

motion detection would pick them up

Nice capture! It’s rare that a meteor is bright enough to trigger a motion event. But it does happen. I have a couple meteor triggered motion events. It all depends on how big and bright the fireball is.

But as Mike @mvb can attest, it takes a lot of patience and time to scroll through the SD card looking for meteors. But it’s worth it.

You’re addicted now, @jenhaygle. Keep up the good work! And I know that if you keep a V3 pointed up, you are going to capture lots of them!