Lumens control for bulbs

All of these smart bulbs out on the market allow you to control percentage of the brightness. But if the idea is that 100% is full lumens and the color bulbs are 1100 lumens then at 1% it’s 11 lumens… 11 lumens is still quite bright surprisingly. I would like to see a setting that lets me choose lumens. Everything else in the controls for the bulb is soo much better than most smart bulbs! I think Wyze should take it to another level to be even better and go to lumens control and not percentages.


Should’ve made this a wishlist item. I’d vote for it. Sometimes I try to use 1% at night and it’s still brighter than I want in some situations.

Lumens would give a lot more flexibility. It might be hard to program though, and if it’s off by a single lumen you’ll have someone throwing a huge fit about misrepresentation or false advertising or something. It might be easier to simply allow fractions of a percent, especially at the lower levels. I’d settle for that too :slight_smile:

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Haha I am sure people will complain but there is a possibility that even 1% could be like 50 lumens… and that’s where the scale starts from. So maybe it would be nice to know exactly what 1% is in retrospect to lumens.
And I am gonna throw this over to wishlist.

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