Low powered doorbell replacement

I have a house in Belize and the doorbell works fine. I want to put a wifi camera on the doorbell and when I tried to install the Ring (or was it the nest) doorbell on it…I could not get it to work or even power up. I am not sure if the power requirements are different in Central America or if I did something wrong but would like to try the Wyze doorbell and see if it works.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

What is the power source in the other end of the wires? What’s it rated at? Have a multimeter that you could connect to the doorbell end and see what power is there?

As far as I can tell Central American doorbells are 16v-24v the same as North American doorbells but, Nest, Ring and WYZE should all be the same 16v-24v.
This is how to check your doorbell;

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