Love to have outdoor WYZE

Not anything that is impervious just one I can put under my eaves. Thank you. For a wonderful product. PEACE

Yes I second that. A weather rusting model would really be nice.

I’ve had mine outside mounted underneath my overhangs / eaves for nearly 8 months now with no adverse effects. They work fine as long as rain can’t get to them.

I’d buy a dozen if they could be powered by POE (power over Ethernet), were weather resistant, and had standard camera mounts on bottom and back. I’d easily pay $100 each if there was a driver for Control4 as well.


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I think would be a great accessory to go along with that spiffy outdoor version is a solar panel with a battery for true wireless.



Just use a 802.3af to 5v (usb) adapter…


I haven’t personally tried them, but it should work for you…