Loud static noise on Wyze Cam V3

You’re going to love this. Just purchased two new v3 pro models and the audio issue is still there! I’m done with Wyze

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Just noticed this with a new installation of a V3. Using my S22 Ultra it sounds horrible with Dolby Atmos turned on, turning it off cuts the distortion in half. So I’m figuring that it is a app translation problem for devices and not the actual cameras themselves. If only there was an app for PC and i could also check with Windows.

I just submitted a support ticket with Wyze regarding the sound from my V3 based on the multiple topics/threads relating to the sound quality issues that countless people are having with their V3 cameras. But the sound issue I’m having I haven’t seen/heard a video that replicates the same sound… Is this what any of y’all are hearing from your V3 cameras? This camera replaced a V2 that I had in the same spot outside inside of a weather resistant housing and had zero issues with either with the sound quality, or in general being outside in the elements…

Same problem on both my V3’s… will be replacing with another brand.

Sounds like R.F. data bursts

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I have a ticket pending and emails back and forth with Wyze regarding my audio quality issue I posted a video of above… Looks like I may be getting mine replaced? In any event, this past week I picked up a V3 2-pack from Home Depot which many locations were blowing out for $35!! A twofer I consider that. Well I replaced my “defective” cam with one from the 2-pack and it’s perfect! No audio quality issues. Completely quiet. How it should be.

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Wyze did end up concluding my faulty V3 was enough to send a replacement as it was still under warranty. I haven’t used that replacement camera yet as I put up one of the ones from the Home Depot 2-pack up and it’s perfect, no sound issues whatsoever. I to believe that it must have been a faulty batch or batch of components for the ones that people are experiencing issues with.

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2 of my V3 cameras are having this problem. On this forum many people mentioned they can hear static from the back of the camera so I check mine… It sounds like transformer of power inverter is “chirping”. If it is a case no firmware update will fix it. Transformer will have to be replaced or “silenced” with some sort of sound dampening compound.

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I had 3 new V3’s that did this exact noise, & Wyze replaced them. The new 1’s don’t have this issue. It’s as if there was a supply of V3’s that had this issue that was sent out to customers.

I use to think this was a hardware issue, but when you go back and look at recorded video there isn’t distortion just clear, normal audio.

Interesting as mine was distorted in live & recordings. I said it sounded like gremlins in my camera.

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Mine was definitely during both live video and recording and/or events playback. Mine was both static and a screeching noise.

My Wyze cam V3 (installed 12/3/22) also has a background “chugging” noise that repeats every 2 seconds when in livestream – video attached. When in playback, the noise is less maybe due to noise cancelling. But in both cases the audio may be a little distorted due to the noise. Is this noise similar to others and should I ask Wyze for a replacement?

I have static, noise, interference on all of my cams while viewing and while recording. This is on Pan V2s, V3s and V3 Pros…
Is this similar to what others are hearing? Is there any updates that have tried to fix this? Seems like an AI noise filter might be helpful. My 4 Nest cams do not have this noise/interference.

Interesting as well, the noise is much louder when I listen to it from the cams and playback than when I listen to these uploads.

Live and recording


So have none of the “wizards” responded to this?? Because this distortion is ridiculous. I’m honestly having so many issues this time around that I’m close to selling all my Wyze junk and going back to my previous brand. Makes no sense to keep releasing new products if your current products still need tuning.

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June 2023 and I still have this issue. On my 3 old Cam Pans, On my wyze cams three V2 and two V3s, and my 2 outdoor cameras.

The audio has some compression artifacts but the audio is usable when needed. It’s not like I bought the camera for audio, it was bought for video.

Wyze cams are budget (cheap) cams and as the saying goes " You Get What You Pay For" :grin:

Kind of like buying a car, a Ford Escort won’t have the performance of a Ford Mustang :rofl:

I have two wyze cams v3. The audio sucks. I hear static and can barely hear people talking. Really wish they would fix this. Had them for awhile

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I have a v3 Pro that is now exhibiting the problem with deafeningly loud white noise on playback from the SD card. This has been going on for years and Wyze seems to do nothing about it.


Hello, I looked back on earlier posts and seen way back from 2020 people were having this same issue. So update, they sent me 2 more v3 cameras and they are still having the same static issues. People were yelling outside and it’s just noise and there is no way I can even understand words over the static. Idk what to do at this point ?