Loud sound when video replay ends

When an alert video clip ends, or when enter or you exit live streaming, a very loud sound plays back. The sound can be quite painful when you are using headphones, especially of you have increased the volume to hear the video. Presumably this “Blee-Bloop!” is meant to mark the end of replay, but it’s not very helpful. Can it be turned off?

What kind of phone and what version of the app?
I can’t reproduce this on my iPhone.

It’s an IPhone 6 Plus with IOS 11.4 … and I’ve just noticed that the ‘blee-bloop’ sound only occurs when I’m using my Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth head-phones. It does not occur with the phone’s built-in speakers or with a wired headset. Perhaps this is some kind of bluetooth interaction or something in this particular headset. I have never heard that sound before, and I use them all the time. I’ll test with another brand of bluetooth headset next.

The App version is 1.3.134

I tested a different Bluetooth headset, it did not have this loud bleep problem, so it’s apparently something specific to the Motorola S10-HD. Problem solved, good enough at least… I won’t use that headset. Thanks!

This appears to be the same problem that has been described in "Audio coming in as a call (#209285) and .Android Audio Bug (2?) (#166150).|
While I originally posted this problem in May, I’m back… I’m trying to protect my ears!

In review:
This seems to be a problem with the blue-tooth headset interaction, I don’t think it occurs with wired headsets. It happens on both the regular and pan-cam versions. The app uses the phone audio channel and not the media audio channel (?).
When viewing live feeds, recorded video, or alert video, the headset gets a “call ended” signal whenever the audio drops. The message is apparently dependent on whatever the particular headset does when it gets that signal. On some headsets, this produces a loud “blee-bloop” on others, the message “call ended” is heard. When you are flipping around between video sources it is very annoying and painful if the volume is up.
Of course… it would be GREAT to have that signal, whatever it is, be stopped. I have not seen this problem with any other app (podcasts, etc.), so I’m guessing that the Wyzecam app must somehow look like a phone call to the headset.

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I’m not sure if my question is related to what is being described here or not. Has anyone been experiencing a noise coming from the camera speaker when someone is remotely viewing the live feed? It would be nice to be able to view what is happening without alerting those in the room, waking the baby, etc.