Lost mode feature for Wyze Watch

My request would be to have a feature in the device settings that can flash the watch face on/ off or vibrate or make a tune if the device is lost/misplaced.

I would also suggest that this goes both ways. Make it so the phone can help find the watch, but also so the watch can help find the phone.

I can’t tell you how many times I have used my Amazfit band to tell me where I left my phone. I select the find phone button and my phone turns on the ringer to high and starts ringing so I can find it. It will also buzz on my arm to let me know if I accidentally walked away from my phone out of Bluetooth range, to remind me I accidentally forgot it. I love those features more than I can describe.

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The wyze watch 47 has this feature !

It’ll connect to your phone and make it ring . Very helpful.

I’m surprised you don’t have the watch yet , why haven’t you gotten it ?

I’m assuming you’re content with your amazfit , I also have one and used it for like half of last year. It was good , I liked the band , it was sleek and comfortable to have on my wrist.

But I didn’t want to have to use another app to control the smart watch , and also the strap was very easily able to pop off on it’s own. Every day it would pop off and id have to fix it , if I moved my wrist the wrong way or didn’t do anything it would just pop off on it’s own . I also got the wyze watch for the strap too, it’s more secure IMO. I use my hands a lot and the wyze watch strap is nice and snug.

Other than those two issues , it was a good watch.

I liked the watch face , it would show the time in pm or am, date/month , steps , BPM, BT connectivity, and battery percentage on the watch face. The wyze watch only has one watch face that shows the time (not in pm or am ), steps , BPM, calories burned and the day and date. That’s it , it’s lacking the other information I wish I could see on the watch face.

Wyze refused to release an API so that the Sleep As Android developer could make it support the Sleep As Android app, and that is non-negotiable for me. If a watch doesn’t support Sleep As Android, I’m not using it. That app has saved my sanity. There is no better sleep tracker anywhere IMO. It can figure out countless patterns and how much anything affects my sleep. The number of options and features it has are unparalleled.

They’ve invested 13+ years of intensive work into the app and 90% of it is platform-specific code that they couldn’t use on iOS, besides the fact that iOS is more restricted, so they probably wouldn’t even pass the review process on the app store.

I talk about a couple of favorite things about it when I was asked in here:

That one app is another major reason I will never consider iOS for my primary phone. SAS is now a non-negotiable option I would need a LOT of convincing to give up.

So basically, Wyze won’t allow the Sleep As Android Dev access to make the Wyze watch capable of using Sleep as Android, so I don’t use the Wyze Watch. It’s really that simple.

If someone GAVE me Wyze watch or something, maybe I would wear it in the daytime while my Amazfit band charges, then put on the AmazFit band at night for sleep or when I take a nap or something. But since I can’t switch to a Wyze Watch or Wyze band 24/7 as my primary watch, I didn’t bother buying one.

And so far my only regret in not having a Wyze Band and Wyze Watch is that @R.Good has more app badges than me :sob:

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My dear friend @carverofchoice, I wish it were just badges😁


Turns out the watch already has this feature

It’ll turn on the watch face and vibrate constantly.

I think the only thing I would add would be if the watch face would flash on/off , so it can stand out and be easier to find.


I voted Democratic :slight_smile: :face_with_peeking_eye:

Never thought of either.
I’d like to have both.

Then I could stop jerking my arm up.
Whenever it feels like, my watch is not there ! :disappointed_relieved: :confused:

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This would be useful, my wife has lost hers twice, and the puppy has stolen & stashed mine once