Lost frames every minute

Going through playback from any of my V2 and pan cams, there are lost frames basically every minute right around/between 01 and 04secs. The date stamp is jumpy and often i see it go from 01sec to 03 or 04secs.
Using wyze cards on all cams continuous record.
Is this due to the camera housekeeping that goes on due to the way it records each minute as it’s own file?
I’ve reformatted cards and rebooted cameras to see if it helps and it might but only for a short period of time if any.
I like the cams but this is a huge disappointment

I believe it is. They have been working on the video to fix a double-speed problem where the video would sometimes skip frames, but I do not know if this fix is in the works or even possible given the hardware.

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I know they are inexpensive but a camera that is not able to record a minute without losing a few seconds?
Person detection is cool and so are other features but they really should get the basics working first.