Lost connections, no playback and other issues

I have 16 cameras (ver 2 and pan) and numerous motion and contact sensors installed in two houses that are nearly 2,000 miles apart. We are snowbirds and I counted on using these cameras for security. So far I have been very disappointed.

I have been having several issues right from the start. I keep hoping the next update will reduce the list, but here is what I am still dealing with:

  1. Everything randomly disconnects. Cameras often need to be unplugged to reset, which I cannot do when at the other house. Movement sensor sticks on the “motion detected” until I remove the battery and reset. Since I am gone for months at a time, this is a big problem

  2. Playback is not reliable. It may show there was something recorded (green line on the time stamp), but when I try to play it back nothing happens. I get “no video at the selected time” and “operation failed” although there is a green line and I know we were walking in front of the cameras.

  3. Event recording slider turns off on its own. I thought this was after the software was updated, but now I see it happen without updating. I can’t find the trigger.

  4. I was surprised to learn that nothing is recorded unless the internet is active. I thought it would record to the card and I could review any activity if necessary when I went to the other house. I am now keeping internet active in both houses year-around, but I am questioning this expense since I only seem to go for a short time before something bottoms out.

I have a good wifi signal up north (Google mesh system), but my interent is a pretty slow DSL. Down south we have a fast Comcast signal. Both places have problems. I use Apple products. I have the latest iOS on my stuff, but it has happened with all previous versions.

Is there any way to fix any of these? I keep buying more stuff hoping something will not freeze so I will have at least some coverage, but I am running out of spots to put the sensors.

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I have been doing testing on this theory, I have found as long as power is maintained it will continue to record. If power goes out it will not record until it sees the internet, then once it sees internet it will start recording.

Number 2 sounds like a weak wifi connection. Not saying that is it but it could be.