Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

You are welcome, and I am working my way through the wishlist, pushing items and trying to get updates. It may take a bit to update all of these wishes but we are looking at them and trying to get things we can do placed on a roadmap.


We do appreciate your efforts Jason. Please don’t confuse our frustration for the amount of time this has been an issue, with frustration towards you.


I understand the frustration. Up until May 2022, I was a user and got frustrated at the same things. I am hoping to be that bridge between the users and the developers and get eyes on these things everyone wants and see what we can do. And if it is something we cannot or will not do we need to be honest. This one I can say is truly being looked at and worked on.


Why would you force me to update, reduce my features, then tell me I have to pay for those features now. Cant I sue to for false advertising since those were the features included in my original purchase?

Which update was forced and what features did we remove and tell you to pay for? I just need the extra information so I can help you out.


Does Cam Protect and the Wyze Home Monitoring let you know if something went offline? I know Cam Plus does not.

It’s really good to hear that Wyze is starting to get this done with devices and releasing those a device gets done. That is very good news. I know sometimes dev teams want to wait till it works for everything. This is important enough to release as it gets done.

I, like others in this thread, don’t feel comfortable recommending Wyze as a reliable security device without loss of signal protections (the other big roadblock being loss-of-local-recording issue when an SD card stops working or is removed w/o getting a notification).

Having this issue fixed will make it easier to recommend Wyze cameras as true security device. Thanks to you and the team.

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Good morning Wyze Jason. I have 6 cameras between 2 houses. They all had mandatory updates required at the same time. Because of the updates I could no longer receive video clips on alerts only a single snapshot. I was forced to purchase a monthly subscription in order to view any clips. That was the purpose of buying the cameras, so I could see clips. This feature was removed entirely with the forced update.

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Use an SD Card and record weeks of data without issue. If you want them sent to you as an alert, or kept in wyze’s cloud, that costs money because it costs them money. We can’t really expect them to have the customer base they do and foot the bill on the data and costs can we? If we expect Wyze to be better or evolve technologically, we as a customer base need to support that effort by buying their subscriptions (which are very cost effective in comparison to all other security / IoT companies, by a long shot).

The SD Card route is probably aligned with what you’re looking for. SD Cards are also very cost effective and you won’t need a recurring subscription.

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If they are cameras supported by Cam Plus Lite you can get clips using that, or as others have stated by using a microSD card however, I believe you are referring to the clips in the cloud.

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Wondering if…

Wyze could provide an option for users to STAGGER the updates for the devices in their individual network… ??

Or, maybe, having a MESH router would eliminate the problem… ??

I see many comments, i.e. - how could it possibly notify you if it loses connectivity or power? It would NOT be the camera sending a notification, it would be the Wyze app itself that would send the notification when one of its installed devices is no longer active. Why is this not possible? I dont think its not possible, I think maybe the company has not been able to justify the cost of its development/implementation.

Wyze as a company has not said it is not possible, there are some hurdles but you will be glad to know that just yesterday I moved this wishlist item from ‘researching’ to ‘development’, we are actively working on this and hopefully I can bring you some more information soon.