Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

Yeah, I’m beginning to suspect cameras go offline so often that they’re worried about the influx of support requests if they implemented this feature.

Either way, I think any reasonable person would consider this function absolutely necessary to call these “security cameras” – they are on the Internet for a reason.

I wonder what we’d have to to do get a response on this issue?

The fact that this feature does not exist is going to cause me to not use over 50 Wyze Cameras that I was planning on buying and having subscriptions for, I mean this is critical to know if someone has tampered with the camera/power/internet and this is the first company that I’ve found that doesn’t have this feature.

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Do you mind saying what you will be getting instead of the wyze cameras?

With the new Wyze Cam V3 pro having build in AI, anyone know if it will send me a notice if it goes offline?

I’d bet dollars to doughnuts we won’t be seeing it. It’s very much a software thing that they’d need to prioritize and haven’t.

Wyze Cams to notify owner when they go offline

My Wyze V3 cameras often go offline, but no notification is being sent to alert me of that condition.
Often i only find out after a missed event that the cameras were not working. This makes it ‘dicey’ to use as security cameras.
Please add ability to get notified when they go offline so user can pro-actively fix those and avoid missing an important event.


Power loss notification

I would like a notification from the app if a plug loses power. My freezer is plugged into a GFI controlled circuit. If that circuit loses power due to GFI tripping I want to know.


Offline notification between camera and base station

Sometimes my camera becomes disconnected from the base station. When it does so, it will rapidly drain the battery. Because it’s disconnected I won’t get a low battery alert. I don’t realize it’s disconnected and the battery drains to 0. If I got an alert saying that the camera has been disconnected from the base station for X hours I would know that I have to fix it.

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Offline pop-up Notification for Wyze devices

I have noticed that my cameras go offline from time-to-time but don’t notice it until I go into the app and see that the device is offline. Can Wyze create a pop-up notification in the app that shows when a device has gone offline for more than xx minutes? This would help to expedite the resolution for many different types of issues such as:

  • camera freezes
  • power supply stops working
  • Internet goes down / router freezes
  • power outage in the area

Most other WiFi enables devices I own have this feature built-in to the app. For some of the above issues, I can use a WiFi plug to notify me when it goes offline which would help in the case of an Internet or power outage issue but would not cover the case when the Wyze camera or its power supply stops working. This should be a fairly easy feature addition to the Wyze app.


We’ve been asking for this for 5 years! Maybe 2023 will be the year? Just got this in an email from them today: “That day-one startup mentality will be ultra-focused in 2023, because this year, much like our first year in business, will be the year of the CAMERA. With your help, we will revisit everything about the Wyze Cam experience. We will focus hard on hearing all your feedback and making the best camera hardware and software in existence”. Here’s hoping!


I’ve got 5 years of hoping. About a year or two ago they upgraded the status, but still nothing.

They are all about the subscription model now. They have long since abandoned the early ideals of making a good, feature rich product at an affordable price. Now it’s all about a cheap product and a monthly service fee if you want it to be functional. Not much better than Ring in my opinion.


I would like both an audible alert and notification option when a Wyze cam is physically moved, it’s vision is blocked, as well as when power is lost. If your not physically watching your camera feed you would never know anything happened to the camera. Alexa announces when a person is detected but I would never know that one of my cameras was covered or turned away from it’s coverage area, for example, while asleep.

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Notification for device offline

When a device goes offline or turned off that a notification is sent to app, e-Mail or text.

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one notification is sufficient, it doesn’t need to be a persistent notification. As well, once you get the notification when you go to the app you will see it is offline.

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Yeah I’ve assumed this would have become a feature a long time ago but it still hasn’t so all of my customers that were going to use Wyze for security cameras have had to choose other companies because it’s feature that is absolutely necessary. I don’t know why they haven’t added it yet but hopefully they will soon.

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Does the Wyze team ever respond to these requests? Seems like a worthless blog.

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Not usually, nor is it expected. This is primarily a user-to-user forum. But Wyze does read Wishlist topics and acts on them: Wishes Granted

The current state of this wishlist topic has recently been changed to In Progress researching:

How to Use the Wishlist


The first suggestion that Wyze handle it through software (or the app) is simple and elegant.

Configuration of a raspberry pi and custom scripting seems the least easy and least simple solution. No offense meant but that would serve about 3 customers with a lot of time on their hands and a $150 of hardware for a $20 camera

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Just here to post an update on this. We are still researching this but we have to do a few things before we work on this. We need to solve the issue of devices saying they are offline even though they are in fact online and viewable. We would also like to make the connection a bit more robust first. This is something on our radar still though.


Thank you for the update and letting us know it is something in the plan.