Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

Has anyone ever seen a response from the Wyze people?

Only response I see in this thread was back in pre-pandemic 2019

Seems Wyze is aware but it’s just not a high priority. It really seems like there could be some quick, clever implementations that didn’t alert immediately but within 10 to 25 minutes and not be a heavy load on their servers.

If there is any other response from Wyze, I haven’t seen it :person_shrugging:

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Yes, maybe we’ll eventually get some attention to this.

  1. the ambiguity would be resolved by comparing the camera log to router log (or other devices on network) when determining where the connection was broken. if the camera can distinguish between the following states, then it would be valuable during debug/troubleshooting:
    A. no AP connection
    B. AP connection and access to internet
    C. AP connection but no access to internet.
    logging these states is valuable for piecing together eco-system issues and individual camera problems. Additionally, signal strength of the AP is usually a parameter available to log.

  2. In my experience as an embedded firmware engineer, I’ve designed and worked with numerous products that address this easily. the power supply architecture uses power loss and power down signals to trigger the mcu to record data to flash and power down. local cap storage is used for ride-through to complete tasks as the power supply drains off.
    Time is initialized from the internet(probably using NTP). however it would be maintained locally on the device and would be available for logging.

  3. correct, it’s not trivial. but it actually trivial in the sense that much of the functionality is already available in existing SD format technologies. things such as wear-leveling, you can dive into the rabbit hole of the various proprietary/open-source file systems and their features. but wyze cam only supports fat32 or exFat.

And for the off-topic portion::::
I’ve struggled finding an SD card that just works. @RoboNaught , what brand did you buy? could you share a link please?
The wyze branded ones flaked on me, I’ve tried a few different kingston and SanDisk as well. Spent quite a bit of time on these forums trying to find a consensus on what card to get (most of the conversations cover size limits and formatting issues).

Many times when I try to view playback, the camera slows to a crawl and will sometimes show offline just from trying that. I’ve had multiple times where I needed to review video only to find that the camera had stopped recording or just wouldn’t play it.

I have ~10 cams, all of them have flaked out at various points with respect to network access as well.
even the one that is 20ft from the access in direct line of sight.
The only way to measure the quality is with a different device (my phone) at the various camera locations. but that doesn’t directly mean the camera is experiencing the same quality of connection (internal HW differences).
The “signal strength” feature under the device info tab doesn’t seem very accurate… A db value would be much more useful than that 1,2,or3 bars picture they show.
My cam the furthest away (different floor, many obstructions) shows 3/3 bars. Yet another camera that’s 20ft away from the AP with clear line of sight shows 2/3 bars.


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Wow, that’s a lot! And I do love me some speculative design discussion so let’s dive in.

For me, here and now, I think we should have a laser like focus on getting this is:
Push alert in Wyze app when camera has loss of signal (LOS)

Maybe after 4 minutes? (enough time for a camera or crashed router to reboot or a short power outage to pass)

This is the basic starting point and if I can emphasize anything to Wyze and my fellow wishlisters: let’s start with getting alerts on LOS. It’s critical, in fact, maybe this wishlist item is too broad and keeping Wyze from executing? If I were forum-saint for a day, I’d split these issues between (a) Wyze App Alert on Camera LOS and (b) everything else. The first one is a vital must-have for Wyze cameras to provide true security, the rest is would-be-nice for diagnosis, tracking and monitoring.

Please WYZE, give us LOS notifications! Even if we had to wait 10 minutes, this is basic functionality. (For the sake of clarity, LOS would include anything where the camera can’t reach the Wyze servers: power outage, network outage, internet outage, theft of the camera, and the like).

Just really wanted to get that out there. It’s probably obvious to everyone else but I don’t understand why we don’t have that basic functionality and toggle.

Back to your post…

  1. Logging. Providing access to a debug log would be awesome, as you note internally:
    a. Wifi AP signal strength & “stability”
    b. Loss of wifi signal
    c. No response from gateway
    d. Unable to reach internet.
    These would be great for debugging, no disagreement. Though, the level of technical prowess required to decipher such signals makes this a low-priority request, in my mind. Most people who could understand the architecture have other means of diagnosing issues.
  2. I don’t think we know the power supply architecture, so it’s speculation to say it would just be a software update. Seems like there should be a nice beefy capacitor in there but :person_shrugging: . I know products can be designed to gracefully handle power loss and record a shutdown time that it could transmit after getting power back. That would be cool – though we sort of already have that for people who use SD cards.
  3. Again, microSD diagnostics are a great idea – though separate from this issue. I actually think the most narrow ask is: Alert when unable to write to SD card – whether it’s because the card has been removed or some other issue. That should be a basic alerting function.

On SD Cards. YMMV – I only have two cameras with SD cards and, frankly, I don’t review a lot of video recordings because, thankfully, there aren’t a lot of bad things happening in the hood. Maybe these cards are failing and I just don’t know it?

The cameras are also very sheltered – one is inside and the other is under a shaded eve. Tbh, given the price point and the poor looking heat characteristics of the camera box, I’d expect any camera in direct sunlight to be baking itself to failure. [I had a non-Wyze dashcam card fail, I suspect, because the heat just got to it.] The sun is cruel to electronics, as you well know.

With all those caveats out of the way here is what I’ve been using for nearly 6 months now:


If I needed a high-reliability solution I probably wouldn’t go with a Wyze camera, tbh, or I would swap out MicroSD cards every few months to make sure they weren’t going corrupt. Along with keeping the camera out of direct sunlight and probably in a secondary case to protect from the elements.

Hope that’s helpful.

Just for the sake of being open, when I made that comment I was not employed by Wyze and just a volunteer maven or moderator (not sure which I was at the time)


lol! Well, congrats. :wink:

So, as I was saying, I’m not aware of any official response by Wyze on these issues :smiley:

It looks like it went into ‘researching’ April 12 of 2021. That would be the last official action in the thread by Wyze that I can see. I will do some digging and see if I can find out anything on this one.


My bet is that this hasn’t been implemented because Wyze haven’t figured out a way to best monetize it yet. This will not be free…

But they have already, its called Home Monitoring.

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Thanks for checking. The most compelling use cases I’m aware of are (a) power loss as a prelude to burglary, (b) jamming or internet loss as a precursor to burglary, and (c) theft of the camera.

It’s a really big hole in the security onion if you can easily disable without risk of alerting the owners :wink:

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Send Notification when Wyze Device goes offline

When a Wyze device goes offline, a notification should be sent to the user. I use rules to turn on/off the Wyze plug outdoor. Occasionally the plug outdoor goes offline, and therefore the rule fails to perform the intended function. The Rules history seems to know that my plug outdoor is offline, see the attached photo. If the Rules system knows the device is offline, a notification should be sent via the Wyze app or text message to let me know the rule failed so that I can take appropriate action.


Provide a rule or notification when hardware is offline

Provide a rule or simple notification if any hardware device associated with the app/my account has gone offline. Devices go offline periodically and I do not know if this has happened unless I scan through the list in the app or if something is not working as expected.


Would appreciate a notification if my camera is offline
For X minutes.
Like if someone accidentally unplugs the camera or if a thief takes it.

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Alerts for disconnected/ off line cameras

I really think there needs to be a notification that lets you know if a camera goes offline or gets disconnected. I’ve had a few issues at my home where I’ve gone to look at camera footage only to realize its been disconnected for days and needs reboot or something.


Notification Alert needed for unplugged camera

My kids figured out that all they have to do is unplug the cameras to do what they want. I have no way to know if my camera isn’t on. So they can unplug it, do what they want, and plug it back in. If i don’t review the playback, i have no clue anything happened. I can’t believe setting a simple alert for an unplugged camera isn’t already an option…

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Wyze does not care about this concern. Many, many people have brought this issue up for a multitude of different reasons. Wyze has never responded to any of these requests. It isn’t important to them. Without this basic feature, Wyze Cams cannot be considered security devices – just fancy baby monitors.

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Phone Notification when Camera Goes Offline

I use my webcams, to be notified if a person is detected, and I get an Alert to my phone. However, if my Camera goes offline, I don’t know its offline, and I don’t get notified. I would love for there to be a Notification sent to my Phone when my camera goes Offline. So I can know there is an issue, and fix the issue, and get my Camera back Online ASAP.

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This notification has been requested for YEARS now. Wyze has released new products, new features, but has yet to address this. Something that the vast majority of its customers are requesting. Alternatives are available and soon people will start abandoning Wyze

I wonder why this is not On Top of Todo List for Wyze. I mean, they already have a Notification System In place. All Cameras already Feed to Cloud. From a systems prospective, everything is pretty much in place to get this to happen very easily. And like a previous Post, until I know MY CAMERAS are always Online and Functioning, I can hardly call them Security Cameras, more like Baby Monitors as they now stand.


I thought this feature WAS available now - albeit only with a paid subscription…