Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

My phone’s notification setting is correct. I do get notified by the app for events, etc. The feature we’re looking for does not exist. Getting notified when the camera goes offline (and back online) is a straight forward feature that should not be difficult for Wyze to add. And unlike some of the other wish list items, it would help everyone.

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Yes! That would be awesome. I have also requested and voted for that feature.
My reply was actually directed to @ryan.c.palmer, who was struggling with notifications in general.

+1 on this feature need, but want to encourage that this would apply to all the powered devices (e.g., smart plug).

creating a notification to pop up when the camera lose the connection to the app whether it’s because of the power loss or the wifi signal is weak

Is there a way to get a notification when the cam goes offline? The cam has been offline for three days and I just noticed it…

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I have an Ambient Weather temperature and humidity sensor. They have an option in their IFTTT service which will trigger when the sensor does not report in for more than 20 minutes. It is probably done on their server, so no software had to be written for the device itself.

Perhaps Wyze could duplicate this.

I realize that the sensor is meant to be online all the time, but most cameras are as well.

Mine will send a message via email and text if any of my 7 sensors does not report , but they don’t use IFTTT at all , to accomplish it

I would like to see this added. In the event power is lost of the camera loses power or connection for whatever reason. Having a Push Notification alert you to this would be helpful for monitoring.

Add notifications or power or connection loss notifications to Wyze program/app. Please and thank you!

Users of wyze cam, vote on this topic, we want our wyze cam to notify us when you disconnect (or lose connection) and reconnect and at the same time be registered within the app the day and time, please …

Wyze company does not cost anything to do this, but when you have gone far with more users please thank you…


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No need for all of the trying and catching. Wyze app already knows when a camera goes offline… it shows “OFFLINE”. All we are asking for is an option for the app to make some noise when transition happens. Seems like this would be just an App enhancement.

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I have a few contact sensors on rarely used doors and windows, but when I open them occasionally the contact sensors didn’t notify me. I had to reset the hub to get them back online. It would be amazing if we got notified whenever a contact sensor loses signal or are offline.

Did you restart the device by unplugging it and plugging it back in? I ask because there is a setting where you can have the camera reboot on a schedule.

Under the triple dots in the top right corner of the app. Find and select Add/Edit Rules. Create a schedule to reboot the camera every night or every other day or so (only takes a minutes or so to reboot). Set it to reboot during a time when you’re not worried about no recording video.

But yeah I agree it would be nice to be notified when things lose connection.

I am also having a problem where my sensors randomly go offline. Setting the cameras is an interesting idea. However, I’ve noticed that rebooting the cameras from the app does not make the sensors go back online. (It would be great if it would as I usually discover that the sensors are offline when I’m away from home and can’t conveniently reboot them.)

Generally, conditions that clear up by rebooting or power cycling the cameras indicates underlying bugs. While I applaud Wyze in the idea to have features that automatically reboot the cameras as production work-arounds, it would be cool if they could also work to stamp out the bugs.

Every computer system has to be rebooted from time to time. But yeah the more frequent reboots are needed usually means bugs. However I’m wondering if there aren’t other interference issues. Perhaps your sense bridge connected to your camera is close to some other electronic device that might be interfering. Maybe even a refrigerator or fuse box in the wall nearby. Testing interference is a good start. Put the sensors closer to the Sense bridge for a while to see if the issue continues. Could also be low batteries. It shouldn’t be likely that the batteries being low or the issue if it’s new. Just depends on how long they were stored I suppose.

I don’t work for Wyze. I’m just using my knowledge of Electronics , computers, and computer network systems and what I know about signal interference that I’ve learned from WiFi’s having issues when interference from other nearby routers or devices or EMF from concentrated power lines such as a fuse box.

I’ve noticed that my motion sensor will say there’s motion if I step in front of it and then turn off the sense bridge (the camera the bridge is connected to) and it doesn’t clear up until I turn the camera back on. Which makes me wonder if you sensor is losing connection via some interference or just weak signal.

The interference is an interesting theory. The camera with the bridge is sitting on top of my refrigerator near a stereo (that’s been off when the bridge has gone offline). The refrigerator compressor is in the bottom of the refrigerator so I’m a little skeptical that it’s EM signal would knock all my sensors offline only to go back online when I power cycled the Wyze camera.

The distance problem would make sense if one or two of my sensors went offline. However, in this case, all four of my sensors go offline together even though one is sitting right next to the camera, the others about 12, 20 and 30 feet away. It would be strange (but possible) for them all having battery problems at the same time and for the battery problems to go away when I rebooted the camera.

And so how exactly are you doing this?