Loss of Communication/Network Connection Notification & Log

I hope this can at least be worked on for the outdoor cam with its base station. Have the base send the notifications if that’s possible.

Another way to consider power outage detection might be if Wyze servers detect multiple devices going offline. I’m imagining different alert groups for one device offline, multiple devices, devices in the shed, etc.

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Came here to post exactly this. Occasionally my wife or kids will unplug a camera for one reason or another and forget to plug it back in. It would be nice to receive a notification when it goes offline (ideally after a configurable delay e.g. 1, 2, 5 minutes, etc.) and then periodic notifications (at a configurable interval e.g. hourly, every 3 hours, daily, etc.) afterwards to remind me.

It would also be nice, but less important, to receive a notification when a camera comes back online.


My kids have figured out if they unplug the camera they can do what they want without being recorded. It would be great to get a notice if camera lost connection/power. Not sure without adding a battery or something how that could be done. Other option would be to alert when they are turned back on.

Often kids will unplug the camera once I am gone and then plug back in before I am home. at least with the power back on option Id know to look for what ever shenanigans they were up to while the camera was off.

My kids unplug the camera all the time when they want to get away with something. I have one camera in the kitchen pointed at the snack cabinet and they unplug the camera, then eat the snacks and plug the camera back in. having an alert would let me know they were up to something.

Wyze devices that have lost internet connection or go offline for any reason should be logged as an event and a PUSH notification should be sent to the user’s app.

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There’s currently a #wishlist item for that here:

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This would be very helpful

I’ve asked for the same thing. We’re going to try and hard wire it so it can’t be unplugged. But it would be very helpful to get some sort of notice when it gets unplugged.

I think it would be a good idea to have a notification sent when sensors go offline, my sensors go offline often and I don’t know about it till I open the app. I think this would be very helpful

Send push notifications when:

  1. The Wyze device becomes disconnected and is no longer communicating with the app
  2. The Wyze device becomes reconnected and has resumed communication with the app

Seems this topic is 2 years old, with almost 500 votes to it, and listed as a “maybe later”.

How much later?

This is a great idea. I don’t know how good a security system is if it won’t tell you when it’s offline. Seems simple enough. Just a phone home ping every few minutes…doesn’t have to be instant, and a notification when the device drops off and comes back. Shouldn’t be that difficult, especially under the new model of selling the “plus” addon for an additional fee. You’re already phoning home constantly anyway for person detection.


Would like a plug that will notify you (app or text notification) if power to the plug is lost. This would be useful, for example, to those of us that have had a GFCI breaker trip and have lost power to a freezer for an extended period of time.


Great idea and great use case.

Freezers draw about 5 amps when running, and can peak around 8 amps when the compressor kicks in. So a smart plug for a freezer would have to meet those specifications.

Hopefully you would plug the plug into a different receptacle on the same outlet as the high power device. That said, I think this would be a heavy lift for smart plugs as they aren’t typically monitored. A better idea would be to plug a powered sensor into circuits you want to monitor. Sadly, there aren’t any wyze devices that report when they go offline.

The problem with including the offline notification in a smart plug so you know when your freezer on a GFCI goes off is that it’s a smart plug. In other words, you’ve added yet another point of failure. When would you ever want to turn a smart plug off if your freezer is plugged into it?

This was actually the reason I revived this thread though. I have a camera in my garage monitoring the garage door, and that camera, along with the refrigerator in the garage, are on a gfci and it tripped.

It was at that point that I remembered that Manything (my previous vacation monitor) had this feature…so why doesn’t a dedicated security camera?

Monitoring a gfci circuit isn’t a bad idea, I just don’t think a smart plug is the way to do it. Mostly because if you’re monitoring it so your freezer doesn’t turn off…it’s probably a bad idea to have an internet connected device that makes it able to turn your freezer off by mistake.

I would like a notification if my Wyzecam is not recording video? I assume I lost Wi-Fi and I could not go back in time with playback to something I wanted to see.

My request is somewhat related and was merged with this one.

I recently had my first SD card go bad. It was about a year old and it stopped recording, so I could not go back and review an event I was interested in. I am now switching to High Endurance cards, but the fact that all cards eventually die and there is no notification from Wyze makes the camera more of a toy than a part of my security system. I have 5 cameras and now I must check playback on each one periodically in order to make sure that I can see history!

I would like a notification if my Wyzecam is not recording video to the SD card.

Really hoping the renewed interest in this thread can get some movement in it. Sitting on the wishlist for 2 years seems like a nice way to say “no…stop bothering us” :grinning:

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I would think this could be as simple as periodic write read verification the could run in the background