Losing sensitivity settings

I have 6 cameras right now, 1 pan, the rest standard cams. All V2. My question is whether others are seeing the sensitivity setting getting reset to the middle after you set it manually to something else. I’ve changed my sensitivity on 2 cameras several times, yet within hours they’re reset to the middle of the range. After I change the setting, I exit out then come back in to check them and they’re ok at the point, but sometime later they’re getting reset. Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Steve.

I personally have not seen this. If I set it it stays. Have you experimented by turning the motion off and back on and see if it resets?

I have actually seen this, but it was because the settings are stored on the Wyze servers, and sometimes what you see in the app isn’t accurate because it hasn’t been able to pull the information down to the app yet from the web. It all depends on the connection you have at the moment. Try force closing the app, and reopening it to see if the information is really not being retained. Another thing to try would be clearing the cache under Account, and then App settings.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I just closed and restarted the app. The settings have been good for about 30 minutes so far. I’ll keep monitoring.

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I just installed my V2 cams last week and thought I had this same issue. But after a lot of experimentation I think I found the issue that misleads us to think the setting is lost. When you first click on a camera and it’s authenticating and retrieving data, if you don’t let it finish that process and you hit the gear icon before it’s done, then the app hasn’t downloaded the savings that are on the server. So it displays both the motion in The Sound Sensitivity at 50. But when you first click on the camera, if you wait until the authentication and the data downloading is done and you can see the feed from the camera before you hit the setting button, then you’ll see that your previous settings are shown. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you. It had me thinking my settings were lost.