Looking to buy single sensor!

Does anyone have a single entry sensor v2 that they are looking to sell? Need to replace just 1. I think it is ridiculous that Wyze only offers a 3-pack. We already have sensors on every door and window, so it is silly to buy 3 when we only have use for the 1.

If you have a sensor for sale, please let me know! Looking to complete the sale on FB marketplace, ebay, or similar to protect payment and for easy shipping.

Thank you!

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Which side of the sensor pair are you missing? The sensor brains (big puck), or the bar magnet (little puck)?

The brains, big puck

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Not the side you want to loose. You could probably get by with a different magnet, but not the sensor and RF transceiver.

If it’s any encouragement, having extras around isn’t a bad thing. They don’t have to be used in the HMS security monitoring list. They can always be used for automation triggers and alerts and can be attached to about anything. Send an alert if the refrigerator door gets left open, get notified every time the snack cupboard opens, get notified when a secure door, lock box, or safe is opened, get notified every time the dog or cat uses the pet door, etc.

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I have one on my mailbox on the street, so I don’t have to keep going out to check if the mail carrier came yet.

Then I have an Alexa rule set to announce “The mailbox was opened” when it is opened.

Now I just wait till Alexa tells me the mailbox was opened, and I go out and get the mail.