Looking for particular options

I am looking for certain features and not sure if this camera has them.

Will the outdoor camera be happening this year?
Will I be able to use a ftp or local network recording other than sdcard? Or will this be a future feature?
Distance on night vision?
Does it use 110 plug or just a usb cable with power plug?
Can I hookup an Ethernet port or will it ever be a feature?
When hooked up to WiFi but the internet is down, can I still connect to the camera via app?
Can I connect to the camera via web browser using an up address to change settings?
Is there a forum that I can look at that to see what Wyze is working on next or what features they are going to be implementing.?

Please take a look at the #roadmap category. There is a pinned post explaining the meaning of the tags. You can either read through the topics or search by the keywords of your list of items. Most of them are in there.

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