Longest focal length lens that will keep camera waterproof

I found some posts on various longer focal length lenses, but they seem to be for indoor (or sheltered) use as they don’t necessarily fit inside the camera body. Is there a stronger lens that will fit inside the camera body and still keep the unit waterproof?

I have an original, refocused lens in a V3 out in the elements, mounted on my bird feeder pole. Since there is already power at my feeder, I would like to mount the second camera on the pole to zoom in on my suet feeder about 20-30 feet away. If not I’ll make a 24 volt run to the suet feeder.

Thanks for reading!

There basically is nothing that doesn’t violate warranty when you are talking about changing any product.

That said, I support you, bro! Better, more capable lenses are cool!

I’m not worried about warranty. Because the camera will be out in the open, I just need a longer focal length lens that will allow me to keep the case sealed. Thx.